New Zealand Defeats Ireland in ODI Series at Malahide Cricket Club on 10 July

The ODI series between New Zealand and Ireland at Malahide Cricket Club on 10 July was a fiercely contested affair. Both teams displayed great skill and determination on the field, but ultimately it was New Zealand who came out on top.

The match saw some impressive performances from players on both sides, with New Zealand’s batsmen putting up a strong total and their bowlers taking crucial wickets to restrict Ireland’s chase. Ireland fought hard, but in the end, they fell short of the target set by the Kiwis.

The crowd at Malahide Cricket Club was treated to a gripping contest, with plenty of drama and excitement throughout the match. The players showcased their talent and passion for the game, making it a memorable day for cricket fans in attendance.


New Zealand’s victory in the ODI series against Ireland at Malahide Cricket Club on 10 July cements their reputation as a formidable cricketing nation. Congratulations to the Kiwi team on their well-deserved win, and commiserations to Ireland for a hard-fought battle.

Overall, it was a thrilling encounter that showcased the best of international cricket, and fans can look forward to more exciting matches between these two teams in the future.

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